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Events in and around Atherton

As the seasons change, Atherton and its surrounding region in Queensland, Australia, offer a host of fun and exciting events. From music festivals to food fairs, here are some seasonal events to look out for:

- Rodeos: Rodeos are a popular summer event in Atherton and its surrounding region. These events feature bull riding, barrel racing, and other Western-themed events that are sure to entertain the whole family. Contact Atherton Rodeo Association for event details.

- Markets: Summer markets in Atherton offer fresh produce, handmade crafts, and local art. These markets are great places to find unique items and meet the friendly people of the region. Contact Tableland Markets for event details.

- Music Festivals: Autumn in Atherton is the perfect time to enjoy live music in the great outdoors. The region offers a range of music festivals that feature local and international talent across a variety of genres. Keep an eye on the calendar for the Atherton Music Festival.

- Food Fairs: Autumn is harvest season, making it a great time for food fairs in the region. These events showcase the local produce, including fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses, with tastings and demonstrations. Contact Taste Atherton Tablelands for more details.

- Winter Festivals: Atherton celebrates winter with various festivals that include live entertainment, food, and winter sports. The festivals take place in July, with many events spread throughout the whole month. Check the Atherton Tablelands website for festival details.

- Night Markets: The winter season night markets have a unique charm that draws visitors from far and wide. Expect stalls boasting hot drinks, handmade crafts, and more. Contact Atherton Rotary Markets for more information.

- Flower Festivals: Atherton blossoms in the spring, with a colorful array of blooms dotting the countryside. The region hosts an annual flower festival in September that includes competitions, displays, and other flower-themed events. Check out the Atherton Flower Show for event details.

- Community Fairs: Spring Community Fairs are the perfect way to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of a new season. These fairs offer good food, entertainment for the whole family, and provide an opportunity to connect with the local community. Contact Atherton State School Fete for more information.

These are only some of the many events that Atherton and the surrounding area offer throughout the year. Visitors are advised to check calendars or with local organizations for upcoming events. With the fantastic weather, stunning views and welcoming community, Atherton is the perfect place to visit for those seeking fun and exciting activities.

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